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How to restore dry and heat damaged hair?

Coming up with a consistent day day routine that conditions and nourishes hair follicles as well as using heat protectants!

Signs of dry an heat damaged hair :

- Split ends - Dull appearance - Loss of elasticity - Excessive frizz - Difficulty styling hair
heat damage results in excessive heat applied to the hair follicle from styling tools such as blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Direct sunlight as well can cause damage.
To restore: 1.Use Moisturizing hair products. 2.Deep condition hair on the daily basis. 3.Reduce heat usage on hair. 4.Trim split ends. 5.Protect hair from sun. 6. Eat a Balanced diet. 7.Avoid washing hair to often. 8. Use a detangling comb or brush. 9.Stay hydrated. 10.try overnight hair moisturizing treatments